Presents the Legendary Vultee














 An awe-inspiring WWII warbird aerobatic display, unmatched since 1945



Ř                           Watch WWII history come alive with the sky filling aerobatics of the famous BT-13 “Vibrator”.


Ř                           Witness the graceful and thrilling aerobatic display choreographed to authentic WWII Air Force pilot songs.


Ř                           Share the excitement of an aviation cadet as he discovers how the “Vibrator” got its name.


Ř                           Be captivated by the historic sight and awesome round engine sound of the historic Vultee BT-13 Valiant.



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Valiant Echoes honors the memory of our gallant warriors.


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Some photos kindly provided from the famous Salute to Veterans Airshow, Columbia, MO